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Category: Property Issues

Using The….

Because of the historically high number of evictions that has thoroughly devastated our economy, several local and federal government programs were developed to help provide relief to homeowners. Many of these programs have been short-lived, but there are still a few hanging around. The most notable is what many call The Obama Plan or the…

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Multiple Listing Services

Multiple Listing Services is a special database which has every piece of property which is for sale at any moment. That is the main reason why Multiple Listing Services is so important for real estate agents to use, as well as brokers to use.. Multiple Listing Services has become a very big thing recently and…

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Marketing your Real Estate Online

Real estate has become an increasingly competitive sector with the rise in house prices and earnings an agency can make per acquisition. Real estate marketing has also became a sector where it is not merely real estate agencies that are competing to close a sale, so to are affiliates that earn a commission from an…

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