Renters Getting 20 Minutes of Notice Before Foreclosure Eviction

News stories and studies reporting the dramatic decline in the economy are poor substitutes for the actual experiences people are going through. Job losses, foreclosures, evictions, and the lack of promised government services are just a few of the phenomena of the current depression. As well, new tactics of governments and banks to make the downturn as painful as possible on the people are being discovered everyday.

Take, for instance, a recent report called Lost Vegas from Vanguard on the state of the local economy, called housing market, and government of Las Vegas, Nevada. For homeowners or people leasing properties, the first ten minutes of the report, which is searchable online, are especially relevant.

During the boom years, thousands of people were moving into the area every month. Now, with the collapse of the economy, just the opposite is the case, with thousands moving out before they are evicted from rentals or foreclosed homes.

The most disturbing part of the video report, though, is the so-called immediate eviction of the family of renters, who were given no notice that they were to be removed from the property. The former homeowner did not tell them the house had been lost to foreclosure, the new bank owner did not inform them, and the county sheriff’s office itself did not post a notice on the house days before announcing the eviction.

In effect, the family was given roughly twenty minutes to move out as many of their belongings as possible before all of the locks were changed and the sheriff’s deputies moved on to the next eviction, of which this was just one of sixteen total that day. That means, even in a best case scenario of eight hours of work with no driving time lost between lockouts, people are given an average of a half hour to move out. With no notice!

This is really theft, pure and simple. The former homeowners are negligent and immoral in not informing renters of the eviction. The banks are as cruel as ever in wanting the home back without caring whether people leasing are informed or not. And the bureaucrats are more interested in following their marching orders from the bank-owned courts and banks themselves in giving no notice before an eviction.

Just like with forfeiture laws or armed criminals robbing people with the threat of jail time if they do not give up cash or belongings, this immediate eviction procedure is little more than a way for local governments to engage in legal theft from tenants who have lost everything, have nowhere to go, and can not afford legal or political representation.

Any and all renters should be aware of the possibility of their landlord being in foreclosure and having the county sheriff’s office come to their door to perform an immediate eviction. Nevada is not the only state where this process is allowed (as a search of Google will reveal), and it is up to every tenant to protect their families and properties from the negligence of landlords, the cold indifference of banks, and the theft of government.


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